Al-Quran Class Guide


  1. Students must attend their appointed sessions on time.
  2. Late students are not allowed to extend their sessions unless the teacher agrees.
  3. Students who do not come for the appointed session cannot replace that session unless they give prior notice to the teacher 3 hours before that session.


  1. Online session is through Whatsapp video call, Zoom or Google Duo video call.
  2. Students must answer the teacher’s call at their appointed sessions on time.
  3. Students who answer the call after the appointed time are not allowed to extend the session unless the teacher agrees.
  4. Students who do not pick up the call and do not return the missed call within 10 minutes after the appointed time will be considered as having used that session.
  5. Students who wish to cancel the session must inform the teacher at least 3 hours in advance. If the notice is given less than 3 hours before the appointed time, there is no replacement for that missed session.


  1. For Al-Quran, students may ask the teacher to start recitation from anywhere in Al-Quran.
  2. For Aysar*, students are encouraged to purchase the book and use it during their physical/online sessions.

*Click here to purchase the book.


  1. Each session is 30 minutes long.
  2. There are only four sessions in a month.
  3. Students have to inform the teacher at the start of each month the time slot they are available for their four sessions of the month.


  1. Students must pay the monthly fees promptly on the 1st week of every month.
  2. Once payment has been made, the student has to show the receipt or proof of fee transfer to the teacher during the first lesson of the month.
  3. Payments can be made through:
    1. PayNow to 97103544
    2. Bank transfer to POSB account 050509940
    3. Cash at Darul Huffaz’s office or through the teacher