Title: Aysar: A systematic and effective method in learning Al-Quran
Author: Firdaus Yahya
Number of pages: 168 pages
Publisher: Darul Huffaz Learning Centre
Date of publishing: 2021
Language: English
Retail Price: SGD $25
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The innovative Aysar method devised in this book makes learning the Qur’an systematic, effective, easier and comprehensive. It contains 5,000 examples, including 2,851 words and phrases taken from the Qur’an itself. To facilitate the learning experience, vast majority of examples in this book are accompanied by videos with their correct pronunciations. This can greatly assist students who have yet to find a teacher or help students to revise what they have learnt from their teachers. This book includes a User Guide to help students map out their learning strategy and the timeframe for it. To assist the students further, a number of videos are provided to show the correct pronounciations. Click here for the videos.


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