Assist Us

Darul Huffaz Learning Centre welcomes donations as a form of sadaqah jariah for our subsidised Al-Quran Clinic and supporting efforts for Al-Quran and Tahfiz education.

May Allah rewards you bountifully for your generosity, amiin.

We also accepts zakat for all 8 asnaf. Darul Huffaz will take the asnaf for Fi Sabilillah, distribute directly to the poor and needy for the asnaf Faqir Miskin and to other 5 asnaf.

Ways to donate

1) Do a DBS PayNow transfer through your phone to mobile number 97103544.

2) Bank transfer to DBS Saving Account 050-70022-4 (Please SMS us at 9636 5353 once the transfer is successful.)

3) Bank transfer to UOB EBusiness Account 348-323-604-0 (Please SMS us at 9636 5353 once the transfer is successful.)

4) Cheque made payable to DARUL HUFFAZ LEARNING CENTRE and post it to 218 Changi Road S(4197373)

5) Cash/Nets at our office during office hours.

6) For a monthly fix donation, there are two ways to do it:

  • Go to your POSB internet banking website and follow the instructions in this manual. This service is free.
  • Simply download the SI form here, insert the necessary fields and give the form to us. We will do the rest. However, do take note that the bank will deduct $10 from your account as the service is not free.

Jazakallah khairan kathiran