Talaqqi Qira’at Al-Quran: Guide For Students


  1. Each session is for 1 hour except as determined by the teacher.
  2. There are only four sessions in a month.
  3. All students have to start from the beginning of Al-Quran with the Riwayah of Hafs from ‘Asim. Subsequent Riwayah/Qira’at depends on the teacher.


  1. Students who cannot attend their sessions must inform the teacher at least 3 hours prior to that session. If they fail to inform, the session is considered used and no replacement slot will be given.
  2. Students who do not come for their pre-booked session is not entitled for a replacement slot. Replacement slot is entirely up to the teacher’s prerogative.
  3. Students who are late for more that 20 minutes can still continue to have their session. However, it is entirely up to the teacher whether to extend the session or not.
  4. Online students who do not pick up the teacher’s call at their appointed time will be deemed to have cancelled that session.


  1. If the fee is monthly, students must pay it promptly on the 1st week of every month.
  2. If the fee is based on consultation, students must pay it before the session starts and show proof to the teacher of the payment.
  3. Click here for methods of payment.