Al-Quran Clinic: Guide For Students



  1. Each session is 20 minutes long.
  2. Students have the right to determine which part of the Aysar book* / Al-Quran they want to read with the permission from the teacher.
  3. Students are encouraged to bring along the Aysar book / mushaf Al-Quran. If the student choose online session, the relevant slides of Aysar book will be shown through the Zoom app.
  4. Students who opt for online mode must install the Zoom app and have good internet connection during his session.

*Aysar is the in-house book used for basic level learning of Al-Quran. Click here to purchase the book.


  1. Students who do not come for their pre-booked session cannot claim the coupon for that session which has already been given to the teacher in the previous session. They also cannot change the time unless agreed upon by the teacher.
  2. Students who are late less than 10 minutes for their sessions are not allowed to extend the session unless the teacher agrees.
  3. Students who are late for more that 20 minutes can still have their session if the teacher agrees.
  4. Online students who do not pick up the teacher’s call at their appointed time will be deemed to have forfeited the coupon for that session.


  1. Payment is through pre-purchased coupon booklet of $30 each. Each booklet contains 6 coupons.
  2. Purchase can be done directly at Darul Huffaz’s office or from the teacher.
  3. Students who want to purchase the booklet online must first make the transfer to Darul Huffaz’s account using PayNow to 97103544 or bank transfer to POSB account 050509940. Once payment has been made, the student has to show the receipt or proof of transfer to the teacher in the following session.
  4. Purchased coupons are NOT REFUNDABLE.
  5. After each session, students have to give 1 coupon in advance for the next lesson.
  6. If the student does not wish to continue with next session or not sure when the next will be, the student need not give the advance coupon.