Daily Tahfiz

This is an intensive daily tahfiz class which gives students plenty of opportunity to memorise the Quran. Students must already be proficient in reading the Quran. Memorisation will be from the surah Al-Baqarah onwards.

Class will be segregated by gender. Female students will be taught by a female hafizah teacher. Graduates from this class will be considered for a teaching position at Darul Huffaz.

Monday – Friday
9.00 am – 12.00 pm

$100 / month

For those who wish to join the class only for several days in a week, the fee’s structure is as follow:
4x per week : $90 / month
3x per week : $80 / month
2x per week : $70 / month
1x per week : $60 / month

$20 for first-time registrant (one-off)

There will be a test after the completion of every juz, 5 juz, 10 juz, 15 juz and 30 juz. The test is optional.

Students will be awarded result slip for every test he/she sat for. After passing the 30 juz test, the student will be awarded Syahadah Hifz Al-Quran certificate to certifity that he/she is a hafiz/hafizah.