Student’s Guide


  1. Students have to register first before having their first session with a teacher.
  2. Students have the right to determine which part of the Iqra’/Al-Quran they want to read with the permision from the teacher.
  3. Students have to bring their own Iqra’ book or Al-Quran.
  4. Students who forgot or unable to bring along their own Iqra’ book or Al-Quran can use Darul Huffaz’s copy but are not allowed to bring the book / Al-Quran home.



  1. Each session is 20 minutes long. The fee for each session is just $5.
  2. Students who wish to have further sessions with the teacher have to pay $10 ($5 for the present session and $5 for 1 more session in the future). Students are not allowed to book more than 1 session.
  3. Students who wish to have 2 consecutive sessions are allowed to do provided that the teacher agrees.
  4. The $5 fee for each session is a subsidy allowed for a maximum of 2 consecutive sessions (total 40 minutes). Students who want to book the teacher for an hour must pay normal fee of $30 per hour.



  1. Students who do not come for their pre-booked session cannot claim the $5 paid in advance and cannot change it to another time. Fees paid in advance are not refundable.
  2. Students who are late for their sessions are not allowed to extend the session unless if the teacher agrees.
  3. Students who are late for more that 20 minutes can still have their session if the teacher agrees.