Guidelines for Klinik Al-Quran Students


  1. Students have to register first before they are allowed to proceed with Clinic’s session.
  2. Students have the right to determine where they want to read in accordance with Teacher’s agreement.
  3. Students have to bring along their own Iqra’ book or Mushaf Al-Quran.
  4. Students who do not bring along the Iqra’ book or Mushaf may borrow from the Centre but has to return it before going home.



  1. Each session is 20 minutes. Session fee is $5.
  2. Students can make advance booking for 1 session only.
  3. Students who want to make an advance booking must pay $10 (inclusive of the booked 1 session).
  4. Students who wish to read more than 20 minutes (1 session) must fulfill the following conditions:
    1. the teacher agrees
    2. there is no other students waiting for their sessions
    3. pay $10 for 40 minutes (2 sessions), and $30 for 60 minutes (no subsidy for 60 minutes session).



  1. Students who do not attend their booked session cannot have refund or use the paid fees for another session.
  2. Students who come late for their booked session cannot compensate the loss time unless the teacher agrees.
  3. Students who come after the booked session but on the same day cannot replace the missed session unless the teacher agrees.
  4. Students who missed the booked session but come on different day cannot replace the missed session at all.