About Us

We are a dedicated group of Quran teachers with the common objective of promoting Quranic reading and its proficiency and understanding among the local Muslims. We also offer courses that augment our core programmes and promote understanding and awareness of Islam.

Darul Huffaz was set up in January 2009 (Reg. num. 53134181W).

Darul Huffaz Learning Centre
218, Changi Road (PKMS Building)
Singapore 419737

Tel: 9636 5353
Fax: 6447 0072
E-mail: info@darulhuffaz.sg


1. Kelas Tatatertib Pembaca Al-Quran bermula pada Jumaat, 14 July.

2. Kelas Tafsir Jalalain bermula pada Isnin, 17 July.

3. Kelas Talaqqi Ustaz Nazri bermula pada Sabtu, 15 July.

4. KELAS BARU! Tahfiz@Masjid Al-Islah, mula pada Khamis, 13 July.

5. KELAS BARU! Weekend Tahfiz @ Masjid Al-Iman, mula pada Ahad, 6 Ogos.

6. KELAS BARU! Huffaz Kidz @ Masjid Al-Mawaddah, mula pada Jumaat, 4 Ogos.

New Courses

DH’s 2017 new courses/workshops/classes are as follow:

  1. NIGHT TAHFIZ @ MASJID AL-ISLAH (PUNGGOL) – Every Thursday 7.45-9.45pm
  2. HUFFAZ KIDZ @ MASJID AL-MAWADDAH – Every Friday 7.45-9.45pm
  3. WEEKEND TAHFIZ @MASJID AL-IMAN – Every Sunday 5-7ppm

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